Long Tone Duets for Tubas


Long Tone Duets for Tubas by David Vining is appropriate for tuba players at all levels.

Long Tone Duets provides an opportunity for tuba players to play long tones together, learning to blend tone quality, balance dynamics, and play in tune. Long Tone Duets contains a duet in every major key, and provides the perfect forum for teachers to discuss details of intonation, tone quality, blend, and balance with their students.

Additionally, the Long Tone Duets editions for euphonium, euphonium (TC), and tuba are designed to coordinate with one another. If you have the tuba edition, for example, you can play along with a euphonium player who has the euphonium edition.

"These duets are very fun and fairly challenging in terms of dynamic control and steady pitch in the lower range. This thoughtfully compiled and excellent learning tool should be a companion in every college studio." - International Tuba and Euphonium Association Journal

36 pages, spiral bound to lay flat on the music stand

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