Beyond the Notes and Rhythms: A Practical Approach to Musical Expression


Beyond the Notes and Rhythms: A Practical Approach to Musical Expression by Samantha Keehn is appropriate for advanced high school through professional trombone players.

Beyond the Notes and Rhythms is a unique way for trombonists to cultivate creativity, listening skills, and musical expression using theater pedagogy techniques. The first three chapters outline these techniques, discussing how to apply them musically, and chapter four is comprised of thirty-one etudes designed to promote musical experimentation in a variety of styles. An access code to Mountain Peak Methods is included, which houses supplemental resources including links to related websites and audio recordings of the etudes by professional trombone players including Dan Cherry, Michael Davidson, William Stanley, Bruce Tychinski, and David Vining.

"There are thirty-one etudes in this book, purposefully written without any markings in choice of tempi, styles, articulations, or dynamics. The etudes are written in a wide variety of keys and time signatures, often changing effectively within an etude. The lack of markings requires the performer to decide what it is they wish to communicate to the audience using the acting training techniques. I believe once a performer develops these techniques, there will then be a natural flow enabling the performer to better project their musical ideas. I highly recommend this book for all performing and teaching musicians; I will use it in my own practicing and teaching." - Don Lucas, Professor of Trombone, Boston University

30 pages, spiral bound to lay flat on the music stand

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