Long Tone Duets for Horn


Long Tone Duets for Horn by David Vining is appropriate for high school through professional horn players.

Long Tone Duets provides an opportunity for horn players to play long tones together, learning to blend tone quality, balance dynamics, and play in tune. Long Tone Duets contains a duet in every major key, and provides the perfect forum for teachers to discuss details of intonation, tone quality, blend, and balance with their students.

“In Long Tone Duets, David Vining has presented a very practical volume for the study of intonation for the modern horn player. It may be used by teachers of any level and can be easily sight read, allowing these exercises to be included in lessons or small ensemble practice at any time. The final exercise is a great bonus for the horn teacher: a duo horn part for the famous horn solo from the Tchaikovsky Symphony No. 5. This is absolutely an excerpt that needs not only perfect intonation but awareness of the underlying harmonies and music. This duet will see much use in my teaching.” - John Ericson, Professor of Horn and Brass Area Coordinator, Arizona State University

38 pages, spiral bound to lay flat on the music stand

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