Flow Studies for Tuba (BB-flat): A Daily Phrasing and Technique Regimen


Flow Studies for Tuba (BB-flat): A Daily Phrasing and Technique Regimen by David Vining, edited by Justin Benavidez, is appropriate for high school through professional tuba players.

Flow Studies by David Vining is designed to help you develop air flow efficiency by playing musical phrases in a wide array of ranges, keys, and rhythms. The etudes are presented in a daily format with eight etudes per day, for a total of 56 etudes. Flow Studies offers a musical way to cultivate the important technical skill of breath control, and musical incentives are always more compelling to musicians than technical ones!

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“Flow Studies have become an integral part of my practice day. They include a rich array of harmonic progressions, articulation, and styles that help me find my voice on a daily basis.” - Charles Villarrubia, Professor of Tuba/Euphonium, Butler School of Music, The University of Texas at Austin

“Flow Studies are a top-notch addition to your daily fundamental routine. These lyrical passages take the player through many wonderfully varying patterns in all keys, varying articulations, note lengths, and speeds over a wide range of the tuba. On a daily basis, the player is given different exercises so that the routine does not become routine…this is a great book!” - Michael Roylance, Principal Tuba, Boston Symphony Orchestra; Tuba Faculty, New England Conservatory of Music; Lecturer, Boston University

"I strongly agree with Dr. Justin Benavidez that there is no substitute for musical flow studies as an integral part of a daily warm-up and fundamental routine on the tuba. This group of progressively arranged studies is uniquely innovative, and it possesses both beneficial and achievable goals for all of us who play the tuba. Flow Studies are now a staple of the tuba curriculum at the University of North Texas, and I unreservedly recommend them to all tuba players." - Donald C. Little, Regents Professor of Tuba, University of North Texas College of Music

"Flow Studies is a must own for every tubist! It will be taking a new place amongst the most-used method books in my own teaching studio, and on my own personal shelf. Dr. Benavidez’s book is a much-needed fresh approach to flow studies, and these well thought out exercises set up the connection between air and embouchure unlike any other material presently out there. This book provides a daily pattern to follow while keeping the player constantly engaged, intrigued, and, in my opinion, most importantly—the ability to focus on dynamics and range at the same time. This book has my highest recommendation, and should become a staple in every aspiring tubist’s library! Bravo, Dr. Benavidez." - Dr. Aaron Tindall, Associate Professor of Tuba And Euphonium, Frost School of Music, University of Miami; Principal Tuba, Sarasota Orchestra

"I highly recommend this wonderful addition to our repertoire and hope that there are many positive outcomes and improvements for those who have the opportunity to use it!" - Dr. Matthew van Emmerik, Shires and Eastman Low Brass Artist; Conductor and Clinician; Sir Zelman Cowen School of Music, Monash University, Australia

“This book will be a welcome addition to my library of materials centering around the idea of ‘flow’. I particularly enjoy the progression relative to harmony, style, and athleticism within each day of work. Terrific book!” - Dr. Demondrae Thurman, Professor of Music (Euphonium & Chamber Music), Indiana University

59 pages, spiral bound to lay flat on the music stand

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The Breathing Book, a companion to this volume, provides concise information about establishing effective air flow to maximize the value of Flow Studies. Click here to order the Breathing/Flow Bundle for Tuba (BB-flat) at a discount.

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