Why didn't my credit card work?

The most likely reason is you entered the wrong billing address—the billing address might be different from the shipping address, particularly if you are a student. The billing address is the one associated with the credit card—where the statements are sent.


My credit card was rejected, so why does a charge appear on my statement?

If your credit card was rejected, it did not get charged, even though the charge may appear on your statement temporarily. This is standard procedure for credit card companies, and rejected charges usually drop off in 24-48 hours. For more information, contact your credit card company directly.


I placed my order a week ago. Why isn't it here?

If you chose media mail, your order will take six to ten business days to be delivered from the date it was shipped. You should have received an email on the day your order was sent, so you can calculate approximately when your order will arrive. 


I decided to add another book after I ordered. Will my orders be consolidated?

Yes. When possible, we will consolidate orders and refund any shipping overpayment which may have resulted.


I purchased Teaching Brass, Teaching Woodwinds, Cross Training, or Beyond the Notes and Rhythms and I can't find the content.

These items are housed on our secure web site, Mountain Peak Methods. To access the content, you must create an account by following the instructions included in the email you received when you made your purchase. Follow the link to Mountain Peak Methods and click on "register" to enter your access code. Follow the steps to create an account. Once you complete these steps, you no longer need your access code—you log in using the credentials you set up when you created your account.

Click here for a video about how to log on.