Long Tone Duets for Trombone: Style and Articulation - Hard Copy Version


Long Tone Duets for Trombone: Style and Articulation by Michael Becker is appropriate for advanced high school through professional trombone players.

The key to any world-class brass section is great tone production and consistent, matching style among the members of the group. Long Tone Duets: Style and Articulation teaches by example, demonstrating to readers exactly how to achieve these goals in the context of long tone duets. Simply play along with Mr. Becker, matching his exquisite tone, articulation, and style, and you will be on your way to improving in these critical areas.

“These duets, presented here by Michael Becker, go beyond the basics of the traditional long tone routine by challenging the player to execute style and articulation. Clarity of articulation and style has always been the hallmark of the Chicago Symphony Brass and an important part of my teaching. I think this book will be a great resource for anyone looking to improve these skills.” - Jay Friedman, Principal Trombone, Chicago Symphony Orchestra

“An invaluable dimension of the Chicago Symphony legacy that goes back at least seventy years is the energy of the attack and the vibrancy of sound. I am happy to see such emphases embodied in this work.” - Michael Mulcahy, Chicago Symphony Orchestra; Faculty, Northwestern University

“In this book by Michael Becker, you will get a great model of sound and articulation to emulate. Make this book part of your daily practice and I am confident you will benefit greatly from it.” - Charles Vernon, Bass Trombone, Chicago Symphony Orchestra

"Mike Becker's Long Tone Duets offers a young player a sparring partner only a click away. Matching the recorded sound in start, release, volume, pitch and especially articulation is the ultimate skill in being a valued team player in any ensemble. Mr. Becker's book provides a very good start." - Gene Pokorny, Tuba, Chicago Symphony Orchestra

46 pages, spiral bound to lay flat on the music stand; includes CD

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Rachel Castellanos 6th Mar 2018

Excellent Practice Tool

This book is an excellent tool for both individual practice with the CD accompaniment, or to play with another trombonist. It is helpful to play with the CD to hear professional examples of style and articulation.

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