Solo Duet Training for Horns


Solo Duet Training for Horns by James Boldin is appropriate for high school through professional horn players.

These duets are a unique and creative way to learn seven of the most popular horn solos. Solo Duet Training can be used to help students learn style and technique, as recreational musical diversions, or even as additions to recitals if an accompanist is unavailable. The duets include Villanelle by Dukas, Reverie by Glazunov, Concerto K. 447 (Horn in F and E-flat) by Mozart, Morceau de Concert and Romance by Saint-Saëns, Nocturno by F. Strauss, and Concerto (Horn in F and D) by Telemann.

“With this truly creative book of Solo Training Duets, James Boldin adds yet another useful and, in this case in particular, enjoyable new dimension to the repertoire for advancing horn students and their teachers. His clever and effective manipulation and extraction of the melodic and harmonic materials found in the piano and orchestral scores of seven of the most popular horn solos provides us the fun of duet playing. And in doing so, we actually learn, first hand, significant compositional content, expanding our understanding and appreciation for these important composers’ intentions. Thank you James for this innovative contribution, and for continuing to make the art and the act of horn playing ever more enjoyable.” - Douglas Hill, Emeritus Professor of Horn, UW-Madison

Two parts, each 42 pages, stapled

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