Dueling Fundamentals: Advanced Fundamental Exercises for Two Horns


Dueling Fundamentals: Advanced Fundamental Exercises for Two Horns by Matthew Haislip is appropriate for college through professional horn players.

Trill Thrill, Fits of Fifths, Beethoven for Two, and Overtone Madness are just some of the fun—but make no mistake, also challenging!—duets included in Dueling Fundamentals for Horns. This book consists of five chapters: Long Tones; Intervals; Flexibility; Scales and Arpeggios; and Range Extenders. In each duet, both lines are challenging—there is no “student” line and no “teacher” line. Therefore this book works well for lessons or as an excellent tool for two friends or classmates looking to challenge themselves and each other.

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"I can see our Northwestern University horn studio using Dueling Fundamentals for Horns not only in lessons but especially in our warm-up classes. You have covered and combined so many important fundamentals that we all need to play each and every day. These fundamentals are in our solo, chamber, orchestral, and etude literature. So, as my teacher John Covert would say, "they are all the same notes but in a different order.” Practice these exercises and you will gain the technique, strength, and intonation that will help you have a healthy career in music." - Gail Williams, Professor of Horn, Northwestern University and Charles Deering McCormick Professor of Teaching Excellence; retired, Associate Principal Horn, Chicago Symphony Orchestra

"Dueling Fundamentals for Horns is a great addition to the horn rep that lets players improve fundamentals while working together and having a fun time doing it!" - Marty Hackleman, Artist in Residence and Associate Teaching Professor of Horn, University of Missouri-Kansas City Conservatory of Music and Dance; former hornist of Canadian Brass, Empire Brass, and Principal Horn, National Symphony Orchestra

"Matthew Haislip's Dueling Fundamentals is a wonderful addition to the horn repertoire. I especially like the great variety of styles and challenges among the duets, featuring long tones, mixed meters, pitch bending, suspensions, variations on famous etudes (Clarke, Stamp), overtone series, articulation, wide intervals (fifths, octaves, etc.), trills, scales and arpeggios, multiple tonguing, and much more. A must buy for every hornist and horn teacher! Bravo on the book—it’s terrific!" - Jeffrey Agrell, Associate Professor of Horn, University of Iowa; former Associate Principal Horn, Lucerne Symphony Orchestra

"Dueling Fundamentals for Horns are well thought out and allow each player to understand the different roles and responsibilities of each seat. They also allow the players to really focus on important fundamental issues such as tuning, blending and uniformity of style, articulation, note lengths, etc. Having the chance and, more importantly, the time to really work on these aspects is often not feasible for most busy orchestral players, so these duets could serve a useful purpose for such players." - Richard Bissill, Professor of Horn, Guildhall School of Music & Drama; former Principal Horn, London Philharmonic Orchestra and Orchestra of the Royal Opera House, Covent Garden

73 pages, spiral bound to lay flat on the music stand

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