Breathing Book for Trumpet


The Breathing Book for Trumpet by David Vining, edited by Brianne Borden, is appropriate for college through professional trumpet players.

Breathing is one of the most important fundamental skills for trumpet playing because it provides the foundation for many of our other fundamentals including tone, articulation, range, endurance, intonation, flexibility, and phrasing. If you want to improve one of these important musical attributes, start by improving your breathing. The Breathing Book is a blended textbook and method book—it contains information about breathing and activities designed to help you use the knowledge as you play trumpet. The Breathing Book is not an exercise book—it's a "learn how to move" book and includes videos for some of the chapters and movements to clarify the content. The Breathing Book explores all the individual movements of breathing and, in the end, will help you coalesce them into a singular, well-coordinated, and organic motion.

“The Breathing Book for Trumpet is not only a great way to understand the body mechanics around breathing, but also the body in general and how to directly apply this knowledge to your trumpet playing. It will give you the tools you need to play freely and use your body efficiently! It’s a necessity for anybody interested in more ease in their playing.”Brianne Borden, Editor; Assistant Professor of Trumpet, the Crane School of Music at SUNY Potsdam; Principal Trumpet, Orchestra of Northern New York; co-owner and CEO of a virtual yoga studio, Yoga for All Musicians

38 pages, spiral bound to lay flat on the music stand

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Flow Studies for Trumpet: A Daily Phrasing and Technique Regimen is a companion book to this volume, offering etudes to incorporate the knowledge gained from The Breathing Book. Click here to order the Breathing/Flow Bundle for Trumpet at a discount.

For trumpet players wanting to get healthy and stay healthy, try our Healthy Pack! This set of valuable resources also includes: Cross Training for Musicians: An Interdisciplinary Guide Promoting Healthy Music Making and Notes of Hope: Stories by Musicians Coping with Injuries. Click here to order the Healthy Pack for Trumpet at a discount.

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