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Common Sense for Comeback Chops: A Trombonist's Guide to Playing After Extended Time Off by Ken Ebo is appropriate for college through professional trombone players.

In this engaging and helpful book, Ken Ebo provides a systematic, safe procedure for recovering embouchure durability, stability, and reliability after time off the instrument. Whether you are a weekend warrior, a student returning from break, or a professional player coming back from a hiatus, this guide will help you regain your form and re-enter the musical scene. Interspersed throughout the text are musical exercises and etudes designed specifically to guide you through five stages of progress. His strategy employs excellent technical advice, a generous amount of musical activities, a good dose of dry wit, and personal anecdotes.

"WOW! Congratulations to Ken Ebo on this excellent and very important offering. This method book is both compelling and inspired. Ken engages the reader/player while offering great new concepts in a manner that encourages individual design. He shares with us his real-life story from the Marines in Iraq to family and child-rearing. This is what a good developmental warm-up is all about. This is not just a study for those who are coming back from a long layoff; it's also great at the beginning of a new semester or after other breaks in your routine. I challenge anyone at any level to work some of these concepts into your daily performance; I am certain that you and others will notice an improved musical output in your accomplishments." - M. Dee Stewart, Brass Department Chair and Professor of Trombone and Euphonium, Jacobs School of Music, Indiana University

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