Daily Routine Songbook for Trombone


The Daily Routine Songbook for Trombone by Sean Reusch is appropriate for beginning trombone players.

The Daily Routine Songbook is a fun way for student trombonists to learn important playing techniques simply by playing familiar songs. Usually, beginning students only encounter the keys of F and B-flat; The Daily Routine Songbook is a clever way for students to learn all twelve key signatures without them even realizing it! The book is divided into seven routines—one for each day—and each routine is further divided into seven different skills: key signatures, dynamics, articulations, slide technique, intonation, high range, and low range.

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"Sean Reusch is a master educator and has focused on beginning to intermediate students for decades. His Daily Routine Songbook is a simple yet thoroughly designed method to approaching the 'basics' of good trombone playing. With the emphasis on keeping our routine exercises fresh, he has adopted ear development as a main focus in helping the young trombonist develop. All too often, strengthening one's musical hearing is overlooked. Mr. Reusch has integrated ear training into a fresh approach to reading music and daily practice!" - Jim Miller, Associate Principal Trombone, Los Angeles Philharmonic

“The Daily Routine Songbook bridges the gap between scales (theory) and music (practice). The book clearly and systematically takes students through a process that will broaden their awareness of how scales and music directly relate to each other. Teachers will appreciate that this book is cleverly organized into sections emphasizing a specific musical and/or brass playing fundamental, allowing the book to be fully integrated into any teacher's current syllabus or teaching plan. This book gives a direct and inspiring answer to a student's age old question,  'Why do I have to practice scales?!?' A fantastic concept and product!” - Alex Iles, Los Angeles freelance/studio trombonist; Principal Trombone, Long Beach Symphony Orchestra

42 pages, spiral bound to lay flat on the music stand

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