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Daily Routines for Bass Trombone by David Vining is suitable for advanced high school through professional trombone players.

Daily Routines for Bass Trombone is specifically tailored for the bass trombone, being written in a lower register and utilizing the second valve. The routines in this book provide a comprehensive way to ensure that you practice all your fundamental trombone skills every day. Practicing fundamentals is the most important practice session of your day because when your fundamental skills improve, everything you play gets better. Daily Routines contains eight routines: Basic Routine, Articulation, Lyrical, Accuracy, Slide and Valve Technique, Vibrato, Short, and Duet Routine. Each routine is further divided into seven skill categories: long tones and buzzing, crescendo/diminuendo, flexibility, subito dynamics and articulation style, resonant low playing, articulation (first on one note and then moving around), and range (first high and then low). By combining the seven skill categories with each routine, Daily Routines assures that all of your fundamental skills will improve equally over time.

“In order for any trombonist to take the craft of brass playing seriously, they must have a method or philosophy about how to approach consistently improving on their instrument. David Vining's book 'Daily Routines' provides a thorough approach to understanding how to efficiently play fundamentals at the highest level. The variety of the eight different half hour routines will keep this method feeling fresh and challenging for a long time. I highly recommend using Mr. Vining's 'Daily Routines' for yourself and with your students.” - George Curran, Bass Trombone, New York Philharmonic

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