Daily Routines for Euphonium


 Daily Routines for Euphonium by Philip Sinder is suitable for advanced high school through professional euphonium players.

Daily Routines for Euphonium is a comprehensive way to ensure that you practice all your fundamental euphonium skills every day. Practicing fundamentals is the most important practice session of your day because when your fundamental skills improve, everything you play gets better. Daily Routines contains nine routines: Basic Routines 1 and 2; Easy; Articulation; Flexibility and Accuracy; Valve Dexterity; Lyrical; Duet and Intonation; and Euphonium and Tuba Duet. Each routine is further divided into nine skill categories: long tones and easy patterns; crescendo and diminuendo; articulation; low and resonant playing; lip slurs; finger focus; subito dynamic changes; scales/intervals/arpeggios; and high and low range expansion. By combining the nine skill categories with each routine, Daily Routines assures that all of your fundamental skills will improve equally over time.

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"The wonderful thing about this resource is that there are so many ways for you to adapt it to your needs...once you’re familiar with all the exercises, you can build your own routine using the format of the daily exercises as a guide, and choose your own adventure." - Lance LaDuke, Associate Teaching Professor of Euphonium & Music Business, School of Music Freshman Advisor, Coordinator of Special and Creative Projects, Carnegie Mellon University

In his Daily Routines for Euphonium, Phil Sinder provides us with all his expertise as a phenomenal musician, celebrated low brass player, and highly experienced teacher. Being a euphonium player and teacher myself, I immediately feel that Phil profoundly understands and loves every aspect of our game. I will be using this book for myself and in my euphonium studio.” - Thomas Rüedi, Professor of Euphonium, Bern Academy of the Arts, Lucerne School of Music, Switzerland

"Sometimes a structured routine is enough to break out of a playing rut. The routines presented in this book are approachable, sensible, and effective—a unique addition to our existing resources." - Benjamin Pierce, Professor of Tuba and Euphonium, University of Arkansas

128 pages, spiral bound to lay flat on the music stand

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