Daily Routines for the Student Trumpet Player


Daily Routines for the Student Trumpet Player by Bruce Barrie is appropriate for junior high through college trumpet players.

Daily Routines for the Student Trumpet Player is intended for junior high school through early college students, but also works perfectly for those more advanced players wanting to hone a particular skill or play a gentle yet all-inclusive daily routine. The routines in this book provide a comprehensive way to ensure that you practice all your fundamental trumpet skills every day. Practicing fundamentals is the most important practice session of your day because when your fundamental skills improve, everything you play gets better. Daily Routines contains eight routines: Beginning; Air Flow; Flexibility; Intermediate; Chromatics and Arpeggios; Interval; Advanced; and Duet. The exercises within each routine are organized into seven skill categories applied as a template: long tones and mouthpiece buzzing; flexibility; crescendo/diminuendo; intervals; articulation; range (first high then low); and chromatics and arpeggios. By combining the seven skill categories with each routine topic, Daily Routines assures that all of your fundamental skills will improve equally over time.

“Bruce Barrie’s Daily Routines for the Student Trumpet Player is a very thoughtful book. One can sense how much he cares about the development of young players—his drills are obviously designed to inspire a positive, constructive approach to playing the trumpet. He strikes a wonderful balance between being gently challenging and also nurturing while fostering healthy, efficient tone production and expressive command. The ‘entrance’ exercises that make use of articulated grace notes are unique, to my knowledge. I might add that Bruce’s routines will also be quite useful for veteran players, for professional trumpeters who are recovering from stressed out chops, or those who might need to apply a little ‘damage control.’” - Chris Gekker, Professor of Trumpet, University of Maryland; International Soloist; former guest Principal Trumpet, New York Philharmonic, San Francisco Symphony, Baltimore Symphony

“A new edition for trumpeters on the world market by dear colleague Prof. Barrie surprised me very positively with new ideas and a methodical approach so that students could easily and gradually reach the desired results in the correct way. With great enthusiasm, I recommend the book to all trumpet players who want to progress further and improve themselves as musicians." - Vjeran Jezek, Professor of Trumpet, Ludwig Maximilian University of Munich; Arbeitskreis für Hochschule und Kultur

“Bruce Barrie has done an amazing job of giving players of all levels, from beginner to professional, viable options for their practice sessions. I love that I can choose a different warm-up based on how I am feeling that day and what kind of playing I will need to do. These routines cover all of the bases for professional players, for aspiring players, and for beginners to become well rounded musicians.” - Michael T. Hengst, Professor of Trumpet, Metropolitan State University of Denver

“Always think 'best sound'. Having known, respected, and admired Bruce Barrie as a player and teacher for nearly forty years, it is fitting that on the first page of this wonderful set of routines, Bruce emphasizes the concept of always thinking and playing with one’s 'best sound'. Creative, fun, and written in a way to present fundamentals and techniques in an inventive way, this is the book that every player and teacher needs, to keep your imagination and technique fresh. I know I need it!” - John Charles Thomas, Hartford Symphony Orchestra; Professor of Trumpet and Jazz Studies, The Hartt School, University of Hartford

“Here is a good example of what to do for our students! For what? Because it is simple, understandable, progressive, complete, intelligent but not too heavy and well built! We recognize here the touch of Bruce Barrie, indeed this work is not based on an absolutist or fundamentalist technical but on the real fundamentals for a trumpet that seeks sound and flexibility. This routine will undoubtedly allow the development and the musical fulfillment which must remain the main objective of a trumpeter who must above all be a musician.” - Eric Aubier, French International Soloist; Professor of Trumpet, Haute école de musique de Lausanne

“A great new edition that emphasizes the importance of ear training. It helps students of all ages and physical development levels to hear what is printed. This varied presentation gives us a better relationship with sonic realization of the printed page. Great focus and really hits the center of what needs to be warmed up.” - Vince DiMartino, Past President, International Trumpet Guild; Trumpet Soloist; Teacher

69 pages, spiral bound to lay flat on the music stand

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