Dueling Fundamentals: Advanced Fundamental Exercises for Two Trombones


Dueling Fundamentals: Advanced Fundamental Exercises for Two Trombones by David Vining is appropriate for college through professional trombone players.

Darth Bruckner, The Hip Lip Flip Trip, Martian Lip Slurs, and Arban Freaks Out are just some of the fun—but make no mistake, also challenging!—duets included in Dueling Fundamentals for Trombones. This book consists of seven chapters: Long Tones, Flexibility, Stabilizers, Scales and Arpeggios, Range Extenders, Mixed Techniques, and Tenor/Bass Duets. Throughout the book, both lines are challenging—there is no “student” line and no “teacher” line. Therefore this book works well for lessons or as an excellent tool for two friends or classmates looking to challenge themselves and each other.

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"As a teacher who begins nearly every lesson with a duet, I have profound appreciation for materials that help to solidify the musical bond of teacher and pupil. David Vining has gone one step further in Dueling Fundamentals by bolstering that one-on-one experience with well-crafted exercises in nearly every possible facet of essential trombone technique. I plan to use this book on a regular basis with my students.” - Matthew T. Guilford, Bass Trombone, National Symphony Orchestra; Associate Artist-in-Residence, The University of Maryland at College Park

“Dueling Fundamentals is a great way for students to sharpen their skills while keeping their ears open. The teacher can model everything from sound, rhythm, style, and pitch while the student plays along. Much more enjoyable and engaging than working on fundamentals by yourself! This will be a fun addition to applied lessons!” - Natalie Mannix, DMA, Associate Professor of Trombone, University of North Texas

72 pages, spiral bound to lay flat on the music stand

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