Dueling Fundamentals: Advanced Fundamental Exercises for Two Trumpets


Dueling Fundamentals: Advanced Fundamental Exercises for Two Trumpets by Raquel Samayoa is appropriate for college through professional trumpet players.

Octane Octaves, Dexterity Diatribe, Arban Freaks Out, and Friends in Low Places are just some of the fun—but make no mistake, also challenging!—duets included in Dueling Fundamentals for Two Trumpets. This book consists of five chapters: Long Tones; Flexibility; Scales and Arpeggios; Mixed Techniques; and Range Extenders. In each duet, both lines are challenging—there is no “student” line and no “teacher” line. Therefore, this book works well for lessons or as an excellent tool for two friends or classmates looking to challenge themselves and each other.

“Raquel Samayoa has written the most useful and complete book for aspiring trumpet players! I ask that my students practice together so that they can learn from one another, rest appropriately, and cover all of their fundamentals. Now they have a complete and well-written manual to guide this style of daily practice. Thanks, Raquel! You hit it out of the park!” - Ken Larson, Trumpet Instructor, Interlochen Arts Academy

"Dueling Fundamentals by Professor Raquel Samayoa is a duet book that will be a perfect fit for my studio. This book challenges both players to prioritize fundamentals of sound production, matching tones, articulations, and phrasing. It is well thought out and progressive, to be used for younger students all the way through advanced players. I am excited to make it a 'must have' book in the University of Kansas trumpet studio. Thank you, Raquel!" - Steve Leisring, Professor of Trumpet, University of Kansas

"Dueling Fundamentals for Two Trumpets by Dr. Raquel Samayoa is a wonderful addition to our practice materials—an efficient, relaxed approach to essential items that every musician needs to be successful. Beware—relaxed does not equate to easy! I hope we are all up to the challenge!" - Vince DiMartino, Past President of International Trumpet Guild, International Trumpet Soloist, Teacher

“Raquel Samayoa has established herself as one of America's leading brass teachers and her new book, Dueling Fundamentals, is an exciting new fundamental practice method that is both collaborative and challenging. Covering five primary areas of long tones, flexibility, scales/arpeggios, mixed techniques, and range, this book is certain to become a favorite practice tool for students and teachers alike.” - Jason Dovel, Associate Professor of Trumpet, University of Kentucky

64 pages, spiral bound to lay flat on the music stand

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