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A Latin American Tour for Trumpet by Oswaldo Zapata is appropriate for advanced high school through professional trumpet players.

This book of etudes is intended to introduce trumpet players to the unique technical, rhythmic, and stylistic characteristics found in Latin American music genres. Each original etude is written in the style of a particular genre and is based on motifs from traditional songs. In order to allow all musicians (even classically-trained or non-native Latin players) to play these genres as stylistically accurately as possible, each etude includes specific articulation markings and two QR codes—one linking to a listening example and the other linking to a sound file accompaniment. ¡Bienvenidos a la música latina!

“I believe 'A Latin American Tour for Trumpet' will help trumpet players fully understand and appreciate Latin American music. The etudes represent rhythmic structures and musical styles very well, they are dynamic, and provide a wide variety of materials that help the performer get closer to traditional music.” - Juan Avendaño, Principal Trumpet, Orquesta Sinfónica Nacional de Colombia; Professor of Trumpet, Universidad Nacional de Colombia

"'A Latin American Tour for Trumpet' explores the articulations, rhythmic complexities, and unique tonalities incorporated in such musical genres as the bambuco, bolero, cumbia, samba, salsa, porro, ranchera, huapango, and others. As a purely classically-trained musician myself, I find these studies to be a refreshing addition to my daily practice routine. Dr. Zapata’s indications for legato, staccato, accent, and other articulations are very helpful in grasping the basics of character and dance style for each kind of music presented. He is to be commended for bringing this practical and entertaining book to the trumpet community." - David R. Hickman, Emeritus Regents Professor of Trumpet, Arizona State University

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