Rangesongs with a Jazz Flavor for Tenor Trombone


Rangesongs with a Jazz Flavor for Tenor Trombone by Ryan Haines is appropriate for college through professional trombonists.

Whether you’re hoping to develop a wider range, keep your chops functioning reliably, or maintain endurance between performance commitments, this book can help achieve those goals. Rangesongs with a Jazz Flavor offers 52 etudes designed to systematically improve your range and endurance. This material works great in a capella form, but there is also significant benefit in playing it along with a backing track, such as the iReal Pro app (sold separately). With patience, control, and consistency, you will see your playing improve at a very pleasing pace.

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“Another valuable book from Ryan Haines! Over time, Rangesongs with a Jazz Flavor will surely develop your chops as well as your rhythmic reading, all crucial to ambitious jazz trombonists. The etudes are clever, in a fine variety of styles and tempos. As someone once said, it’s not the notes, it’s the rests! The effective writing will improve counting, aim, accuracy, and endurance.” - Tom Ervin, Professor Emeritus, University of Arizona

"Ryan Haines’ Rangesongs with a Jazz Flavor is a fantastic resource for trombone players and their teachers to develop balance, consistency, and confidence over the full range of the instrument. Building on David Vining’s popular Rangesongs, Mr. Haines presents this equally useful material brilliantly, drawing on musical challenges found in jazz and big band musical settings—a genre Ryan himself has mastered so impressively as a player, composer, and arranger. An added bonus for improvisers: his lines are great and worth adding to your own solo vocabulary!" - Alex Iles, Los Angeles Freelance/Studio Musician and Educator

69 pages, spiral bound to lay flat on the music stand

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