Systematic Approach to Flexibility for Trumpet


A Systematic Approach to Flexibility for Trumpet  by James Ackley is appropriate for high school through professional trumpet players.

A Systematic Approach to Flexibility for Trumpet is designed to help the student, amateur, and professional player increase flexibility and/or maintain the flexibility that is needed on a daily basis. By starting slow and easy, players learn the important concept of moving the air across note changes to achieve smooth, clear slurs. Once this fundamental skill has been established, the exercises progress through more challenging patterns, adding one partial at a time. By working from this book, players will improve their flexibility, accuracy, and dexterity, becoming more efficient and musical.

"This is a comprehensive collection of new exercises that will help any level of player with the goal of expanding and increasing their flexibility on the trumpet. James Ackley has written a terrific addition to the technical literature for the trumpet and I look forward to using it myself. I applaud this new resource for trumpet fundamentals and recommend it highly." - Michael Sachs, Principal Trumpet, The Cleveland Orchestra

"This is THE book on flexibility! All that is needed is patience and consistent practice. Love this book!" - Phillip Collins, Principal Trumpet, Cincinnati Symphony Orchestra (retired)

70 pages, spiral bound to lay flat on the music stand

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