Breathing Book for Euphonium


 The Breathing Book for Euphonium by David Vining is appropriate for high school through professional euphonium players.

To breathe well means to breathe free of tension, and euphonium players who breathe well create a resonant tone quality. The Breathing Book provides concise information about breathing alongside etudes and activities encouraging application of this knowledge in musically meaningful ways. The Breathing Book teaches the truth about breathing, establishing a reliable foundation for improved resonance, articulation, endurance, and tone quality.

“This book is a fantastic guide for any brass player to understand their body's respiratory function. Further, the information presented here offers healthy and safe recommendations for playing development. Bravo, David Vining, for bringing brass pedagogy the information necessary to free our breathing and clear the obstacles which stand in the way of wonderful music making!” - Patrick Sheridan, Tuba Soloist; Co-Author, The Breathing Gym

32 pages, spiral bound to lay flat on the music stand

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Flow Studies is a companion book to this volume, offering etudes to incorporate the knowledge gained from The Breathing Book. Click here to order the Breathing/Flow Bundle for Euphonium at a discount.

For euphonium players wanting to get healthy and stay healthy, try our Healthy Pack! This set of valuable resources includes: Cross Training for Musicians, The Breathing Book for Euphonium, and Notes of Hope. Click here to order the Healthy Pack for Euphonium at a discount.


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