Daily Routine Songbook for Trumpet


The Daily Routine Songbook by T.J. Tesh is appropriate for beginning trumpet players.

The Daily Routine Songbook is a fun way for student trumpet players to learn important playing techniques simply by playing familiar songs. Usually, beginning students only encounter the keys of F and B-flat; The Daily Routine Songbook is a clever way for students to learn all twelve key signatures without them even realizing it! The book is divided into seven routines—one for each day—and each routine is further divided into seven different skills: keys, dynamics, articulations, valve technique, alternate fingerings, high range, and low range.

"It is not only what you practice, but how you practice. Combining passion with discipline, cognitive with intuitive, yin with yang, that is what Dr. Tesh’s method is providing for students with his Daily Routine Songbook. Dr. Tesh is a leading force in modern trumpet music pedagogy, holding reverence for trumpet tradition while being a proponent of fearless new approaches for the contemporary student." - John Daversa, multi-Grammy nominee; Schilke artist; Chair, Studio Music and Jazz, Frost School of Music, University of Miami

“This book engages the ear and not the eye! To play a trumpet, your body must remember sound, not visual images. The visual images represent sound, so playing by ear is essential to every aspect of performance success. I hope volume two is on its way!” - Vince DiMartino, International Trumpet Soloist

“This book has many beneficial aspects to help the young aspiring trumpet player. In particular, I like the idea of having students play in different keys while building technique over the idea of a simple melodic line.” - Tom Hooten, Principal Trumpet, Los Angeles Philharmonic

45 pages, spiral bound to lay flat on the music stand

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