Daily Routines for Horn


Daily Routines for Horn by Marian Hesse is suitable for advanced high school through professional horn players.

NOTE: This edition will be discontinued in the near future. Click here to preorder the second edition of Daily Routines for Horn.

 A daily routine is an integral part of any hornist’s practice regimen. Daily Routines for Horn provides a systematic way to develop and improve fundamentals, helping to establish consistency in all areas of playing. There are eight routines, each divided into skill categories: long tones, crescendo/diminuendo, flexibility, accuracy, interval studies and patterns, articulation, and high and low playing. Additional resources included in this book are progress charts and an articulation spectrum. Daily Routines for Horn ensures that players will be challenged in unique and helpful ways.

“These are studies which will prepare the lips and musculature to safely and effectively perform in all registers with flexibility, fluidity, and strength, at all dynamic levels. They might just be the nearest thing to a secret strategy that a horn player will find.” - Lowell Greer, Orchestral Hornist; Chamber Musician; Soloist; Educator; Horn Maker

122 pages, spiral bound to lay flat on the music stand

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