Daily Routines for Horn


Daily Routines for Horn by Marian Hesse is suitable for advanced high school through professional horn players.

The daily routine is a time to concentrate on the fundamentals of horn playing and develop a solid technical foundation. Daily Routines for Horn contains eight routines: Basic Routine, Articulation, Flexibility/Accuracy, Register Change/Dynamic Extreme, Overtone Series, Range, Duet/Intonation, and Easy Routine. Each routine is further divided into skill categories: long tones and buzzing/singing, crescendo and diminuendo, lip slurs and trills, accuracy, interval studies and patterns, articulation, and high and low range. By combining the seven skill categories with the eight routines, Daily Routines for Horn ensures that players will develop and maintain their fundamental horn skills while establishing consistency and diminishing the possibility of having a bad playing day.

"Marian Hesse’s Daily Routines for the Horn Player is my favorite warm-up/fundamentals book available! The variety and focus for each of the eight different days of warm-ups keep me challenged and in shape for just about any music that presents itself. And it helps me to continue to improve with moving up the metronome markings for many of the fast exercises, working to beat my own personal best. They are quite a challenge! I have bought extra copies to give to deserving students. I’m excited to see the new edition and plan to continue to use it daily." - Lisa Bontrager, Distinguished Professor of Horn, Penn State School of Music

101 pages, spiral bound to lay flat on the music stand

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