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Daily Routines for the Student Euphonium Player by Bill Waterman is suitable for junior high school through college euphonium players.

Daily Routines for the Student Euphonium Player is intended for high school and early college students, but also works perfectly for those more advanced players wanting to hone a particular skill or play a gentle yet all-inclusive daily routine. The routines in this book provide a comprehensive way to ensure that you practice all your fundamental euphonium skills every day. Practicing fundamentals is the most important practice session of your day because when your fundamental skills improve, everything you play gets better. Daily Routines contains eight routines: Beginning; Basic; Articulation; Flexibility and Accuracy; Valve Dexterity and Intonation; Ear Training; Advanced; and Duet. Each routine is further divided into ten skill categories: breathing; long tones; dynamics; articulation; low and resonant; lip slurs; valve technique; subito dynamics; scales, intervals, and arpeggios; and range (high and low). By combining the ten skill categories with each routine, Daily Routines assures that all of your fundamental skills will improve equally over time.

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"This newly crafted edition of Daily Routines for the Student Euphonium Player contains an interesting, effective, and practical set of exercises and patterns that will fuel your success! With its proven mesh of focused subject routines featuring a recurring set of targeted skills within each routine, a player is guaranteed to hit all of the important elements for building tone, technique, range, flexibility, valve independence, and more." - Philip Sinder, Professor of Tuba and Euphonium, Michigan State University

“As an applied tuba and euphonium professor, I would love for my incoming students to have been regularly using this excellent routine book so that they come to me with solid fundamentals and technique in hand. The book’s clarity and ease of use makes it one that every music educator should assign to their euphonium players.” - Scott Watson, Professor of Tuba-Euphonium, University of Kansas

"Daily Routines for the Student Euphonium Player is an excellent addition to the young euphonium player's repertoire. It focuses on an air driven approach to practicing the euphonium, which if done every day will create a solid foundation for years to come. I highly recommend this book to any teacher and/or student looking for a great source of basic routines for everyday use." - Tim Buzbee, Principal Tuba, Melbourne Symphony Orchestra

"I recommend Daily Routines for the Student Euphonium Player to all beginning euphonium players and to their teachers and/or private instructors. The exercises and concepts presented are logical and progressive throughout the method, and they cover many aspects of learning the euphonium that are absolutely essential for musical and technical success. Thank you, Professor Waterman, for organizing such a practical and useful method for beginning euphonium players." - Donald C. Little, Regents Professor of Tuba, University of North Texas

"Professor Waterman’s Daily Routines for the Student Euphonium Player provides a logical and easy to follow guide for thoughtful students and teachers at all levels. The progressive nature of the text allows for the youngest player to study and absorb solid fundamentals and then to build upon the acquired skills. Even older, more advanced players will find fresh approaches to refining the 'basics' in their playing. Dr. Waterman has provided easy-to-read and understand text to accompany every exercise that allows the student to work independently and, at the same time, provides direction that allows any teacher to use the material to expand upon their suggestions. This book represents another important contribution to the pedagogical lexicon from Mountain Peak Music." - Jerry A. Young, Ed.D., Professor Emeritus of Music, University of Wisconsin - Eau Claire

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