Daily Routines for the Student Horn Player


Daily Routines for the Student Horn Player by Marian Hesse is appropriate for junior high and high school horn players.

Daily Routines for the Student Horn Player is designed to assist young hornists in developing and maintaining their fundamental horn skills. The book contains eight routines: Beginning Routine, Air, Overtone Series, Intermediate Routine, Ear Training, B-flat Horn, Duet/Intonation, and Advanced Routine. Each routine is further divided into skill categories: long tones and buzzing/singing, crescendo and diminuendo, lip slurs and trills, accuracy and dynamic changes, alternating tongued and slurred between intervals, articulation, and high and low playing. By combining the seven skill categories with the eight routine subjects, Daily Routines for the Student Horn Player ensures that players will be challenged in unique and helpful ways.

“Daily Routines for the Student Horn player is a ‘must have’ for any high school horn instructor or college horn professor! There are so many important fundamental exercises included in Marian’s text that I absolutely love! The singing and buzzing exercises included in the routines will help all of us achieve better intonation. I also cherish her creative stopped horn routines, because once again, it helps train our ears to play the stopped notes much more in tune. Another wonderful teaching tool is going back and forth between the F horn exercises and B-flat horn exercises, which will give students more creative choices regarding fingerings. The variety of techniques and usage of dynamics throughout the routines will help keep students engaged and keep the students developing more advanced techniques. I am looking forward to this book being published so that I can use it for myself and my students. I highly endorse this text for high school and college horn players!” - Nancy Joy, Associate Professor of Horn, New Mexico State University

58 pages, spiral bound to lay flat on the music stand

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