Mindful Trumpet Playing: A Guide to Managing Performance Anxiety


Mindful Trumpet Playing: A Guide to Performance Anxiety by Brianne Borden is appropriate for college through professional trumpet players.

Mindfulness has the power to positively impact how you deal with performance anxiety, and this book is a guide to implementing mindfulness into your playing. Mindful Trumpet Playing outlines mindfulness practices in conjunction with trumpet fundamentals exercises, so your brain will directly correlate your playing with the practice of mindfulness. Mindful Trumpet Playing will help you become a more confident and less nervous performer!

"This exciting new book provides necessary tools to utilize in the practice room, including fundamental training exercises, mindful practice strategies, as well as pre-performance routines. If you deal with performance anxiety, to have access to this thoughtful guide will greatly benefit you on your journey towards a more comfortable, representative, and confident performance, and hopefully, the peak performances we all dream of." - Dr. Ryan Gardner, Professor of Trumpet, University of Colorado Boulder

“If you're a trumpet player struggling with performance jitters, 'Mindful Trumpet Playing' is a must-read. With a non-judgmental approach to practice and a focus on cultivating mindfulness and self-compassion, this book is a valuable roadmap for anyone looking to overcome anxiety and play with more confidence. Congratulations to Brianne for creating such an insightful and helpful resource!" - Christopher Still, Second Trumpet, Los Angeles Philharmonic; Founder, honestypill.com

“Dr. Borden’s book is a practical and thoughtful approach to improving one’s confidence and performance control during stressful situations. She has knowledge of physical and mental aspects of playing the trumpet that have made her a leading clinician at universities and international music conferences. Her doctoral dissertation, ‘Yoga for Musicians: A Practical Guide to Using Common Yoga Techniques for Performing Musicians’ (2020), is also a must-read for those interested in overcoming performance anxiety and reducing excessive body tension." - David R. Hickman, Emeritus Regents’ Professor of Trumpet, Arizona State University

“Brianne Borden’s 'Mindful Trumpet Playing: A Guide to Managing Performance Anxiety' fills a void in our shared trumpet library that very few people have the knowledge and experience to fill, and I can’t imagine a more perfect person than Brianne! The importance of mindfulness in our lives as humans has been demonstrated again and again, and there is no shortage of wonderful books on the subject. And of course, there is no shortage of wonderful books on trumpet playing! 'Mindful Trumpet Playing,' though, proves that we can have it all, mindfulness AND trumpet practice, in this deeply thoughtful, thorough, and insightful book." - Andy Kozar, Longy School of Music of Bard College, trumpeter with loadbang, Boston-based freelancer

34 pages, spiral bound to lay flat on the music stand

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