Oboe Tuning Duets


Oboe Tuning Duets by Sarah Hamilton is appropriate for high school through professional oboe players.

Oboe Tuning Duets provide the perfect forum for teachers to discuss details of intonation, tone quality, blend, and balance with their students. These duets contain interval-based exercises, key-based exercises, and excerpts progressively arranged by intonation difficulty.

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“With these duets, Dr. Sarah Hamilton provides a comprehensive means for two oboe players to practice making harmonious sounds together. No other collection is dedicated to training oboe players in this essential task of playing in tune with others. Thank you, Dr. Hamilton, for giving oboe players these excellent Oboe Tuning Duets and providing us with a progressive method for joining together in harmony!” - Stephen Caplan, DMA, Professor of Oboe, University of Nevada, Las Vegas; Author, The Breathing Book for Oboe and Oboemotions (www.oboemotions.com)

“Thank you for taking the time to work on a project that furthers the field of oboe playing and pedagogy! I really enjoy the large ranges of most of the exercises; the big intervals can be tricky to tune and are so important to hear.” - Dr. Christa Garvey, Professor of Music, University of Wisconsin, Eau Claire

43 pages, spiral bound to lay flat on the music stand

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