Odd Meter Escapades: 14 Advanced Jazz Studies for Trombone


Odd Meter Escapades: 14 Advanced Jazz Studies for Trombone by Chris Kase is appropriate for college through professional trombone players.

Challenge your ability to play in unusual time signatures! Odd Meter Escapades features fourteen jazz etudes in meters such as 5/4, 7/4, 9/4, and 11/4, together with online play-along sound files which include rhythm section accompaniments and performances by trombonist Carlos Martín.

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The studies in this book borrow their harmonies from well-known jazz standards—occasionally with interesting, re-harmonized twists. They often contain quotes of the original melodies, and sometimes include phrases inspired by some of your favorite jazz soloists.

The play-along sound files are available for streaming on SoundCloud, or click here to download the MP3 file.

“Odd Meter Escapades is an excellent volume for any serious trombonist, jazz or traditional! Playing in odd meters is very much overlooked in most western music (not so however in places like Rumania, Bulgaria, etc.) and needs to be addressed. This book does just that in a very clear manner. I consider this work a necessary addition for all trombonists.” - Jiggs Whigham, International Jazz Soloist and Pedagogue

“Odd Meter Escapades by Chris Kase is truly a breath of fresh air—or perhaps a Category 5 hurricane! This innovative method creatively addresses concepts important to all of us: exploring unfamiliar time signatures; expanding our jazz vocabulary; and improving command of all key centers. Developing these often overlooked but essential skills requires patience, diligence, and personal discipline. Chris' step-by-step approach harnessing intuitive technology ensures that your musical journey will be productive, relevant, challenging, and really enjoyable. I wish I'd come up with this!” - Harry Watters, International Jazz Soloist and Pedagogue

“Odd Meter Escapades is the perfect tool to work on odd time signatures! After the successful trumpet version, I am proud to be involved in Odd Meter Escapades for Trombone. The magnificent études of Chris and the super inspiring rhythm section make this method a perfect tool that I will undoubtedly use for my personal study as well as in the classroom.” - Carlos Martín, Jazz Trombone Professor, Musikene (Conservatorio Superior de Música del País Vasco (San Sebastián)

36 pages, spiral bound to lay flat on the music stand

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